About us

Lifting people from a life of disability

In the Tanzanian culture people with physical handicaps are often pushed aside. They have to rely on their families but are often a burden to them.

We want to give people hope, to show them that they are precious in God’s eyes. By providing suitable work opportunities they can learn their strengths and abilities. and create utility and decorative items which can then be sold, so that their salary can be paid.


The existing places which provide work opportunities for people with a disability are not able to provide work for everybody. Every week people come to ask for employment. In January 2017 we decided to listen to that call and to help more people by starting the INUKA Dutch Bakery project. The choice for a bakery was made because bread is something people use and need every day.

To make this possible Inuka Trust was started. Inuka means to lift up; we want to lift people up from a life that is limited by their disability and help them find their feet. The Dutch charity “Brood voor Weeskinderen”, which has experience with starting bakeries in Africa was asked for their help.

The board members  of Inuka Trust are:

John Samambile Mahigu

Jan Smits

Alice Flora Chinguwile

Joseph Reuben Hiza

Costa Elimbinzi Mrema

Board members serve as unpaid volunteers and don’t get any financial remuneration from the Trust. All money raised is used to further the project.