About us

Lifting ability from disability

In the Tanzanian culture people with physical handicaps are often pushed aside. They have to rely on their families but are often a burden to them.

We want to give people hope, to show them that they are precious in God’s eyes. By providing suitable work opportunities they can learn their strengths and abilities. and create utility and decorative items which can then be sold, so that their salary can be paid.


Nuru means light. It reflects the purpose of the Nuru centre which was set up by the Imbaseni Trust in 2007: To bring light into the lives of people with a disability. It provides a place for disabled people, living on the streets of Dar es Salaam, to earn a dignified living.

The people at the Nuru centre receive requests every week from people with a disability longing to come and work at the centre. In January 2017 they decided to expand the work, to be able to help more people and to make the project more sustainable by starting the Nuru Bakery project.

To make this possible Inuka Trust was started and the Dutch charity “Brood voor Weeskinderen” was asked for their help.

The board members  of Inuka Trust are:

John Samambile Mahigu

Jan Smits

Alice Flora Chinguwile

Joseph Reuben Hiza

Costa Elimbinzi Mrema