Inuka Bakery Project

Providing a steady income for at least another 12 people with a disability; that is the aim of the Inuka Bakery project. 12 people who no longer need to live on the streets or depend on their family. And growing this number further.

The bakery project in short

  • It provides 10-15 disabled people with work and income
  • It returns quality of life to them
  • Employees are trained as bakers by “Brood voor weeskinderen”
  • The project becomes independent of foreign donations
  • It is the starting point for further growth
  • Does show society that a disability does not mean that somebody can’t do anything

Is that something you want to be part of?

Would you like to help give back quality of life to people living with disabilities?

To make this project possible we need your support. Setting up a bakery where people with disabilities can work costs money. Would you like to help to give people with a disability back quality of life?

You can get involved, donate now or invite us to give a presentation in your church or association.


The preparations for the project started in January 2017. Since then the cooperation with “Brood voor Weeskinderen” has started. Also the application for funding from “Wilde Ganzen” has been made.

We have been able to buy a plot of land in Salasala in the North of Dar-es-Salaam. It is very suitable for the bakery as it is surrounded by a densely populated area. It is close to the Salasala mainroad where there are a lot of Duka’s (small shops) which sell bread.

Currently we are getting quotes for the building.


The initial investment for setting up the bakery and developing it to the point that it will break even is almost 114,750 Euros. After reaching the break-even point the project will be independent of any further help. The aim is that the bakery will develop such that a small profit will be made, which will be used to fund further initiatives for providing work opportunities for people with a disability.

The budget is build up as follows:

Registering and setting up the company

450 Euro

Purchasing a plot and building the Bakery

80,000 Euro

Purchasing Bakery equipment

18,000 Euro

Setting up and initial training

8,500 Euro

Management and risk reservation

7,800 Euro


114,750 Euro